-The Bay- Wet & Wild Weekend!

              Event: WET AND WILD WEEKEND!
              Location: Landing Ship

          ●Saturday (August 29th)                                ●Sunday (August 30th)
             Deejay: DM (d1570r73d)                                  Deejay: Luka (Luka Requiem)
             Time: 4PM SLT                                                  Time: 4PM SLT
    What a better way to wrap up this summer weekend, than splashing amongst the waves. It doesn't matter if you're bearing a bikini or full on casual beachwear; let's get wet and get wild this Saturday and Sunday! DJ DM starts it off at 4PM SLT this Saturday, reminding us that he's hot like the sun, and his tunes can refresh us for days. DJ Luka then wraps it up at 4PM SLT with high energy and unbeatable dance moves. So come rock our ship, and let us excite you in turn! Join us at -The Bay-, where we'll breathe life into your mundane~.


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