Weekend Sleep Over @ -The Bay-

 Location: Captain's Quarters
*VIP Area, open to the public for exploration.
●Saturday (August 22nd)
Deejay: DM (d1570r73d) 
Time: 7PM SLT

●Sunday (August 23rd)
Deejay(s): Luka (Luka Requiem) & Orph (orph3us)
Time: 12PM SLT

                It's time to spend the night on your favourite isle - so bring the friends, family, pets, and everyone in-between! Whether you sleep in a onesie, lingerie, or nothing at all - you're all welcomed! Show -The Bay- how you prep for the night, while enjoying energetic tunes provided by DM (Saturday night) while he takes you to bed. Then, wake up with DJ Luka and DJ Orph (Sunday afternoon)! So get excited for this gathering - and don't forget to bring your pillows, stuffed animals, and sleeping bags! We'll provide all the eyecandy and earcandy for a good night's rest, here at -The Bay-!

Shukurimu Kurokawa

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