-The Bay- Luau Saturday!

        Event: Luau at -The Bay-
        Location:  Elephant Watering Hole
        Deejay: Ziekel Cyrus (Ziekling Bunnyhug)
        Time: 12PM-2PM SLT
        Deejay: DM (d1570r73d)
        Time: 2PM-4PM SLT
    Cruise out to -The Bay- and enjoy your vacation with all of us. Wrap yourself in your most fancy of isle apparel and get lei'd in welcome. We'll be energized by the tunes of DJ Zie and DJ DM as you either return to -The Bay- or visit us for the first time. This is definitely a getaway you won't want to miss, either solo or with friends!

Shukurimu Kurokawa

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