-The Bay- Lupus Awareness

Sunday (May 10th)
Event: Lupus Awareness Month (Wear purple!)
Location: Elephant Watering Hole

Deejay: Luka (Luka Requiem)
Time: 12PM-2PM SLT

Deejay: Orph (orph3us)
Time: 2PM-4PM SLT

Please join us for this very special event fundraiser, where we will bring focus to a known, yet very unknown autoimmune disease: Lupus. Don purple and meet us at the watering hole with all of your family and friends, while we entertain you with amazing live mixes. All tips and proceeds will be donated to http://www.lupus.org/action/join-the-fight, so we hope to see you here with us! 
Thank you all for coming out and joining us today!
 We had a great time and the donations all from the heart.
So we thank you for all your love!


Shukurimu Kurokawa

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