Summer Festival!

   Saturday (June 20th)
        Event: Summer Festival Part 1!
        Location: Flamingo Watering Hole
        Deejay: Ziekel Cyrus (Ziekling Bunnyhug)
        Time: 12PM-1PM SLT
        Deejay: DM (d1570r73d)
        Time: 1PM-2PM SLT
    Welcome in summer with us amongst fun company, hot sounds, and beautiful scenery. Don your best beach apparel or nothing at all, while we hit the water and let the sun soothe out all of our stress~. DJ Zie and DJ DM will be waiting to provide the auditory pleasure - so all you need to do is mark your calendar and prepare for the fun!

    Sunday (June 21st)
        Event: Summer Festival Part 2!
        Location: Landing Ship
        Deejay: Luka (Luka Requiem)
        Time: 12PM-1PM SLT
        Deejay: Orph (orph3us)
        Time: 1PM-2PM SLT
    It's officially the first day of summer! So we continue on with our glorious festival, featuring DJ Luka and DJ Orph. Shout it out for the sun, take shade in the palms, and surf along the waves while we start the best time of year out in style!

Picture done by Zie !
Poster done by DM !

Shukurimu Kurokawa

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