-The Bay- Sea Monsters

    ●Sunday (July 19th )
        Event: Sea Monsters!
        Location: Landing Ship
        Deejay: Orph (orph3us)
        Time: 12PM-2PM SLT
    They're lurking all about the paradise isle of -The Bay-... what, you might ask? Only creatures of nightmare and fantasy. But perhaps we've said too much, because they could be disguise as someone lurking! Come forth tentacle monsters, mermaids, and other hellish fiends of the deep blue beyond and come shake up the weekend.  DJ Orph will be summoning all the fair sea folk, so come forth  and let's indulge!

(image can be found here:  http://www.wallpaperup.com/23698/fantasy_underwater_sharks_fishes_oceans_dark_spooky_creepy.html)

Shukurimu Kurokawa

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